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Fishing Report


Independence Day

Great day out on the water with friends and family. It was a foggy, hazy day.  The smoke from the fires in Canada hovered over the lake all day.  

We put in at Spring Creek and ran across the lake to Stony Point. We started on the North side, but once we moved to the south side of Stony Point, we started catching lots of little guys.  We had to throw them back, but it was still fun to catch them. 

Don was baited up with minnow and plain hook, Michele was using a spinner and nightcrawler and I had one of each out.  We caught some on both. The bite started out strong on the crawler, but by afternoon, the minnow seemed to be the choice.

We left Stony Point with only 7 Walleye and headed back towards Spring Creek.  One of my favorite spots is the tip of Spring Creek.  We stopped to try a few passes. We did four passes and had fish on each pass - two got away before we got them to the boat.

P.S. The wife made me keep the bass. 

Competition on Lake Sharpe

Two boats. Two teams.  Antelope Creek on Lake Sharpe.  Tom & Jerry vs Gary & Billie.  Who can catch the most fish.  

Tom & Jerry were up 3-0.  

Soon, Gary and Billie with the help of their guide, Brad Richardson, passed them by and it was 3-5.  

Both teams struggled a little, then Tom & Jerry got a double and tied the score 5-5.  

Now, the heat was on.  Guides Brad Beeler and Brad Richardson could feel the pressure.  Who would get their limit first......

Tom caught one, Gary caught one.  Still tied.  

Time was running out - happy hour started soon.  

Finally, Tom & Jerry found a honey spot and finished off their limit.  They headed in to clean fish.  

Gary & Billie weren't to be outdone.  They struggled on to catch their last two fish.  

Three o'clock was the deadline; had to be done by then.  Gary caught the last fish at 2:59 and the day was complete.  

Now, to Spring Creek for a fish fry and drinks!  Another Great Day!

Digger Doug and Company

How do you show your employees that you appreciate them? 

Digger Doug of Stuart, IA takes his two favorite employees on a fishing trip every year.  This year, he came to visit his old high school buddy, Brad Beeler.  

They had some fantastic days of fishing.  Nate and Ryan joined Doug for some excellent Walleye fishing and some great evenings at The Outpost Lodge.  They traveled to West Bend for a couple of days and spent one day on Lake Oahe.  They went home with plenty of fish to share with their family and friends.  

They were joined for the weekend by another high school buddy, Jim Nelson and his group of friends. Their trip started out a little slow, but once Brad got them on the fish , Curtis had luck with a nice small mouth bass, and the walleye bite was good too. They had more fish than the board down at West Bend could hold.  

Arnie is already planning a return trip in August, and Curtis is hoping to come again too.  

Another Memory for the Books

The walleye are biting on anything, just stick your hook in the water and see what you can reel in! 
We are catching a lot of little ones, but usually catch our "over 20 inch" too.  The little ones are just as tasty as the big ones!
Dr. Matt and his son, Cooper, came up from Des Moines, IA for a couple of days of fishing.  
Cooper had a great time reeling in the fish and learning to tell whoppers like a real fisherman.  
He didn't have to tell a story on this one -- nice catch, Cooper!

Meet in the Middle

Dr. Amy came from Colorado.  Dr. Chuck came from Iowa.  It was the perfect Father's Day get away vacation!  The Father/Daughter team met in Pierre and had a great weekend reeling in the walleye.  
Amy showed her dad how to catch the big ones! 
She was the winner all three days for the largest fish - although day three was a Northern, not a walleye.  They each took home over 10 lbs of walleye and some wonderful memories. 
They slept at the Governor's Inn in town and enjoyed the continental breakfast each morning.  We packed ham sandwiches for lunch, and saved a couple of fresh walleye to broast at Spring Creek each night.  Life was good! 

Coach is back!

Coach Gary and his cronies were back for another round of walleye fishing!  

We caught a lot of little fish and some very nice "over 20s".  

Well, ok, let's be honest, Bob caught some nice walleye.  The rest of us just tried to take notes and learn! I did play the net man and helped get them in the boat safely, but Bob did all the work this trip!

They still ate good while they were here and took some fish home to share.  Good to see you again, boys!

The Grandsons take Grandpa John fishing

The Richards boys helped me take John and this 3 grandsons from Creston, IA fishing for 3 days.  We had a lot of fun catching walleye (and a few bass.)  

We toured the whole area as we searched for a good spot out of the wind. We spend one day at West Bend, one day at Chantier Creek, and one day up around Spring Creek.

Fishing was good everywhere we went, but they are still biting soft.  You definitely have to be paying attention.

My Grandpa and I do a lot of things together.
But fishing with my Grandpa is the best ever.
I love going to the lake when the sky is all blue.
I love riding in my Grandpa's boat too.
The next trip to the lake, I don't want to miss.
Just being with my Grandpa is better than catching fish.

No worries there, we got to spend time with Grandpa AND catch fish!


Happy Memorial Day!

We had a fantastic Memorial weekend on Lake Oahe with family and friends.  A crowd of Iowans from back home came up for fishing and fun. Some were old friends, some were new friends.  We fished, we drank, we ate.   

The weather threatened storms, but it held off until dark and we had some great days on the water. We had walleye, northern, salmon and white bass in the boats at one time or another.  

A good time was had by everyone.

Spring Creek Resort & Marina was a great host.  We sat out on the balcony and enjoy the evenings with dinner and drinks. 

The Outpost Lodge provided their Sportman's Den that had plenty of room for everyone to have a bed, get a good nights rest and be prepared for another day on the water.

We caught plenty of fish and had a great picnic/fish fry on Sunday evening with the whole gang and some neighbors too.

Kyle caught his first South Dakota Walleye - and even though it was too cold and windy to go wake boarding - had a great weekend.  

On Saturday, Teresa caught her largest Walleye -- 25 inches. 

On Sunday, she topped that with a 27 inch walleye.

Kevan and Bob earned bragging rights too.

Two of those beauties were dropped off at Wildlife Unlimited to be mounted. 


Yes, my wife agreed to spend our anniversary celebrating on the water! It was our 6th anniversary, so it only seems right that we stopped at 6 fish, and then we went out to eat at a nice restaurant where we 
had our fresh fish cooked as appetizers! Thanks The Outpost Lodge

It was a great day on Lake Sharpe.  We were fishing along the bluffs, with just the right amount of breeze.We were jigging with a red and white quarter ounce jig.  The fish were biting very softly and we often caught them as we lifted up our pole for a little "pop."  We threw back a lot of 14 1/2 inch fish, but we caught plenty (I let her catch most of them).  We came home with 4 skinny saugers and 2 walleye.  

Happy Anniversary, Honey!


South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks has put out a poster about walleye limits on Lake Oahe.  Read the charts carefully.....

We've all been talking this year about the fact that Lake Oahe regulations allow you to keep 8 fish a day, which is a total of 24 fish in your possession after 3 days of fishing.  

But look at the bottom chart -- you can fish an additional 2 days on "other water" (like Lake Sharpe, below the dam) and keep an another 8 fish. That gives you a total of 32 fish for your freezer!

So, when you plan your fishing trip with us this year - plan for a 5 day trip instead of just 3 days and catch more keepers! 

I look forward to spending time with you on the water!
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