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Fishing Report

Small-mouth Bass

Digger Doug and Company

How do you show your employees that you appreciate them? 

Digger Doug of Stuart, IA takes his two favorite employees on a fishing trip every year.  This year, he came to visit his old high school buddy, Brad Beeler.  

They had some fantastic days of fishing.  Nate and Ryan joined Doug for some excellent Walleye fishing and some great evenings at The Outpost Lodge.  They traveled to West Bend for a couple of days and spent one day on Lake Oahe.  They went home with plenty of fish to share with their family and friends.  

They were joined for the weekend by another high school buddy, Jim Nelson and his group of friends. Their trip started out a little slow, but once Brad got them on the fish , Curtis had luck with a nice small mouth bass, and the walleye bite was good too. They had more fish than the board down at West Bend could hold.  

Arnie is already planning a return trip in August, and Curtis is hoping to come again too.  

The Grandsons take Grandpa John fishing

The Richards boys helped me take John and this 3 grandsons from Creston, IA fishing for 3 days.  We had a lot of fun catching walleye (and a few bass.)  

We toured the whole area as we searched for a good spot out of the wind. We spend one day at West Bend, one day at Chantier Creek, and one day up around Spring Creek.

Fishing was good everywhere we went, but they are still biting soft.  You definitely have to be paying attention.

My Grandpa and I do a lot of things together.
But fishing with my Grandpa is the best ever.
I love going to the lake when the sky is all blue.
I love riding in my Grandpa's boat too.
The next trip to the lake, I don't want to miss.
Just being with my Grandpa is better than catching fish.

No worries there, we got to spend time with Grandpa AND catch fish!

Crazy Canadians

Les and Ernie came all the way from Alberta, Canada to find out what Bass fishing is all about.  They have caught their share of Walleye up north, but had never fished for Small-mouth Bass.  

So, they found Spring Creek Resort & Marina on-line and drove down to check it out.  When I met them,the first words out of Les' mouth was "Can we bring refreshments on the boat?" and I knew we were going to have a GOOD TIME! 

Now, the wind always blows in South Dakota - but she showed us just how much she could blow! It was a windy three days, but we still managed to get some nice looking bass.  West Bend is still the best bass fishing in the area and luckily a little protected from that North wind too!
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