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Cow Creek
Lake Sharpe
Small-mouth Bass
Spring Creek
West Bend
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Fishing Report



It had been a long winter but ice is out finally and the fish are biting.

Del, Kelly and I had a great day enjoying the sunshine and water. We headed out late morning before the wind picked up and had lots of action in the back of a bay.  

Sorry, I am sworn to secrecy to not reveal the exact location.

I can tell you our secret to baiting the hook.  They didn't seem to want to bite on the large smelt.  So we loaded up the treble hook with small smelt. Using the quick strike double hook leader, we created a little school of smelt to draw in the big fish.

A few got away - they were feisty, but here are some of our finer catches.


We tried a little Northern fishing from shore just as ice was going out of Cow Creek. 

We didn't have any luck, but this young man just down the bay from us got a beautiful one.
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