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Ranger Boat

Brad Beeler Fishing

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Brad Beeler Fishing Guide Service offers hassle-free fishing in the best kept secret in the Upper Midwest Walleye and Fresh-water Salmon fishing. Just outside my front door is Lake Oahe; the 4th largest man-made lake in the USA with 231 miles of rocky outcrops, sandy bottoms, and sharp drop-offs that Walleye love.


$500 per day for 2 people ($50 for each additional person)​

  • Includes:

  • Gas, Tackle, Bait, Gear

  • Full fishing day

  • Commercially insured first class boat that is fully equipped

  • Fish cleaning, packaging, and freezing 

    • (does not include food, refreshments, or license fees)

  • A deposit of $200 is required in advance to confirm your reservation. Deposit should accompany reservation and is non-refundable.

  • For more information on license fees and limits, visit 


Gratuities are customary and appreciated.

State sales tax of 6.5% will be added to the above rates.


Walleyes are particular about their surroundings. Their hangouts depend on the season, time of day, water temperature, availability of baitfish, etc. 


Oahe Lake walleyes will usually hang at the bottom during daylight and move to the shallows to feed around dawn and dusk.


Similarly, Lake Sharpe walleyes will spend daytime near drop-offs or in holes to escape the sunlight and move to the shallows in the dark hours.


No matter their location, walleyes prefer packed sand, gravel or rocky bottoms and will use weed beds, submerged trees or other structures as cover during the day.


Chinook Salmon

Lake Oahe reaches up to 200 feet deep with thousands of points, large bays and sunken islands to fish.


It is stocked with approximately 250,000 salmon every year at Whitlock Bay--just 45 minutes north of Pierre. The salmon swim deep and require down-riggers to reach 80 to 100 feet underwater.

Northern Pike

Early April, end of March is ice out and trophy Northern can be found along the shores of Lake Oahe. Northern pike can definitely give you an adrenalin rush that you won’t get from any other fish.


Smallmouth Bass

Lake Oahe also boasts a very healthy population of smallmouth bass. The water level has been raising for the last few years and the newly submerged brush, trees, and rocks creates the perfect environment for smallmouth to thrive.

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430 Cow Creek

Pierre, SD 57501



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